Precision work with each fibre

We are the long-time partner of the market-dominating companies of the wood and furniture industry. Due to our cooperation with leading varnish manufacturers we were able to increase our expertise constantly. We are especially high-performing in the field of profiling. Our special measuring methodology makes for rollers that are specifically modified to the product, which are in turn tailored perfectly to the individual coating tasks.

Our offer also comprises the following products:

Glue application rollers: Due to constant improvement even standard products can be optimised. Profile modifications along constantly changing glue systems are part of our day-to-day-business.

Grooved rollers: With our experience and machine equipment grooving with up to 90 TPI (threads per inch) in 25 Shore A with absolute repeat accuracy and surface finish is a common task for us. We use special test methods to adapt the profile form within the degrees of freedom (provided by the individual polymers) perfectly to each customer requirement with absolute repeat accuracy.

We manufacture: varnish application rollers, mordant application rollers and contact rollers.