Prêt-à-porter off the rolle

For more than 50 years, we have provided the international textile processing and manufacturing industry with innovative products. With our machine technology the realisation of precise and repetitively accurate geometries – e.g. sinusoidal roller outlines and crownings – is an easy task for us.The rubber qualities adapt to the changing chemical and mechanical requirements.Up to an overall length of 6,450 mm and a diameter of 1,050 mm we can produce all kinds of roller types and rubber coatings in every required polymer class. We are the OEM of renowned manufacturers of bow expander rollers.

Our offer comprises the following products:

Washing machine equipment, finishing rollers, high-performance nip rollers, dressing rollers, metering rollers, nip rollers, bow expander rollers, expander rollers, deflection rollers, mercerizing rollers, rollers for bleaching equipment, foulard rollers.