Correct handling of rubber rollers


  • The rollers must never be deposited on the ground surface.
  • The rollers should be freely suspended by the necks between trestles.
  • In case of longer storage and exposure to strong light, the rollers should be protected against UV radiation.
  • Turning the rollers regularly will prevent sagging.

Lifting the roller

  • Lift the rollers only by the necks and never by the rubberised surface as otherwise pressure marks and an increased risk of accident may occur.
  • Generously cushion any places with foam rubber where crushing might otherwise occur.


  • Avoid contact with hard, pointed or sharp-edged objects.
  • In particular, do not drag the rollers over the ground, the edge of the box or machine parts.
  • If possible, do not remove the packing until after the rollers have been fitted.
  • Cut open the packing material carefully at the side in order not to damage to rubber.

Cleaning & maintenance

  • Water and alcohol are generally suitable for cleaning the rollers.
  • Other cleaning agents such as benzine, esters and ketones may sometimes be used. Always consult us before doing so.