Easy solutions with potential for the future

As we want to ensure that you are always one step ahead of the competition, enhancing our products has been an established tradition at Ahauser Gummiwalzen for more than 50 years. This is how we create innovative rollers enabling you to continuously increase the efficiency of your production. Quite frequently, this happens faster than you think, because sometimes undreamed-of possibilities for process engineering crop up alongside, as could be witnessed on the examples of the sandwich or Teflon®roller.

Teflon®rollers – the patent remedy for old problems and new processes

Ahauser Gummiwalzen is the first company to succeed in combining an elastic rubber lining with a Teflon®coating in a stable and permanent manner. The advantages are obvious: a high degree of anti-adhesiveness and resistance against chemicals reduces machine downtimes, makes for fast cleaning and creates the prerequisite for completely novel processes. The progress we have made in roller technology has already proven its value in many industries. Teflon®rollers increase your productivity and convince with a maximum of precision, durability and reliability in daily use.